Tungsten Fabricate

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    • <b>Tungsten Rod</b>

      Tungsten Rod

      Sanhui is your best prefer to buy tungsten and tungsten rod. Our tungsten rod features hardness, low mechanical abrasion with smooth surface....

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    • <b>Tungsten Wire</b>

      Tungsten Wire

      Tungsten wire is used to make tungsten wire resistance used in optical instrument, electric vacuum components and etc....

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    • Tungsten Wire In Twisted Heater

      Tungsten Wire In Twisted Heater

      High melting point and good corrosion resistance tungsten wire in twisted, tungsten heater and tungsten heater wire for sale....

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    • Tungsten Filament

      Tungsten Filament

      To buy tungsten filament and tungsten filament in bulb, please contact Zhengzhou Sanhui Co.,Ltd. 22 years experience....

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    • <b>Tungsten Plate</b>

      Tungsten Plate

      It is not to find where to buy tungsten. We specialized in making tungsten plate with good processing performance and low content of impurities....

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    • Tungsten Sheet

      Tungsten Sheet

      We produce tungsten sheet through cold rolling process. Tungsten for sale, we offer tungsten sheet with various sizes....

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