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    • Tantalum Rod

      Tantalum Rod

      Sanhui Co., Ltd is one of tantalum suppliers in China. We can produce tantalum rod as customers’ requirements to provide satisfied service to clients...


    • Tantalum Wire

      Tantalum Wire

      Tantalum wire is made by forging and drawing processing methods. Special demands of tantalum wire will be agreed on by Sanhui and buyers of negotiations....


    • Tantalum Sheet

      Tantalum Sheet

      Tantalum sheet is produced by cold rolling or hot rolling processing. Sanhui Co., Ltd produces tantalum sheet according to buyers’ demands....


    • Tantalum Plate

      Tantalum Plate

      Purity of tantalum plate is 99.95% or 99.99%. Tantalum plate is produced accordance with ASTM. Sanhui provides tantalum plate according to buyers’ demands....


    • Tantalum Bar

      Tantalum Bar

      Tantalum bar is produced by sintering, forging, drawing and polishing. Sanhui Co., Ltd manufactures tantalum bars as clients’ requirements...


    • Tantalum Tube

      Tantalum Tube

      Tantalum tube has seamless tantalum tube and seamed tantalum tube. Sanhui Co., Ltd can manufacture tantalum tube according to customers’ requirements....



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