Molybdenum Fabricate

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    • Molybdenum Pipe

      Molybdenum Pipe

      Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd provides seamless and seamed molybdenum pipe. Molybdenum pipe has many good properties and is largely used....

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    • Molybdenum Tube

      Molybdenum Tube

      Molybdenum tube is made from molybdenum bar or rod by using special machines. Molybdenum tube has many good properties and also is widely used. ...

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    • Molybdenum Bar

      Molybdenum Bar

      Molybdenum bar is produced by sintering, forging, straightening and polishing. Molybdenum bar is widely applied because of its excellent properties....

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    • <b>Molybdenum Disk</b>

      Molybdenum Disk

      Molybdenum disk is one of molybdenum deep processing products. Molybdenum disk has many good properties, so molybdenum disk is widely used. ...

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    • Molybdenum Plate

      Molybdenum Plate

      Sanhui provides hot and cold rolled molybdenum plates. Molybdenum plate produced by Sanhui has good processing properties and is used in wide fields....

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    • Molybdenum Sheet

      Molybdenum Sheet

      Molybdenum sheet is produced by shaping, sintering and rolling. Because of special properties of molybdenum sheet, it is widely applied....

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