Molybdenum Alloy

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    • Molybdenum piercing heads

      Molybdenum piercing heads

      1.Molybdenum piercing heads 2.Density:10.2g/cm3 3.Purity:99.95%;Dia8.0mm~500mm 4.Good corrosion resistance ISO9001:2...

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    • Cemented carbide embolism

      Cemented carbide embolism

      Specifications Cemented carbide embolism specifications: diameter: 12-35* length: 150-330 Or customize according to clients requirements Description cemented carbide embolism: Specifications of the product: diameter 12-35*;length 150-330, o...

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    • Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy

      Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy

      Molybdenum lanthanum alloy has many excellent characteristics, so Molybdenum lanthanum alloy is widely used in our daily life. ...

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    • Mo,W Alloy

      Mo,W Alloy

      Mo, W alloy has high melting point, so Mo, W alloy can be widely used as high temperature material. For more information, e-mail us today!...

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    • <b>TZM Molybdenum Alloy</b>

      TZM Molybdenum Alloy

      TZM molybdenum alloy has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance, etc. So TZM molybdenum alloy is widely used....

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  • Equipments

    Electron-beam furnace Vacuum melting furnace Rolling machine
    Machining Equipment-3 Sintering Furnace-2 Powder Metallurgy Hydrogen Furnace
    Powder Mixer Pressure Embryo Workshop Sintering Furnace-1