Applications of Tungsten Copper Pipe

Tungsten copper pipe is made of tungsten and copper.

The followings are four major applications of tungsten copper pipe:

1, tungsten copper can be used to make resistance welding electrode:

Tungsten copper pipe combines the advantages of tungsten and copper: high temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, high strength, high specific weight, good thermal and electrical conductivity, sweat cooling property, so it is easy to cut and machine tungsten copper pipe. Due to tungsten copper pipe has the characteristics of tungsten: high melting point, high hardness, anti adhesion, so tungsten copper often be used to make projection welding and resistance welding electrode with certain wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

2, tungsten copper can be applied to make EDM electrode:

For mold made of tungsten steel, super hard alloy with high temperature resistance, when the molds need electric corrosion, common electrodes have large wear and tear and slow speed, while, tungsten copper is featured by high speed of electronic corrosion, low attrition rate, precise electrode shape, good processing property, which can improve precision of machined parts.

Three, tungsten copper pipe is able to be used to produce the high pressure discharge lamp electrode:

The contact material of high voltage vacuum discharge tube will quickly rise temperature in one second. Ablation resistance, high toughness, conductivity, good thermal and electrical conductivity of tungsten copper will provide necessary conditions for the stable work of discharge tube.

Four, tungsten copper pipe can also be applied as electronic packaging materials:

Cu-w alloy not only has low expansion of tungsten, but also has high thermal conductivity of copper. In addition, coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal and electrical conductivity of tungsten copper can be adjusted by changing the material constituent, which offers convenience to materials usage.

Tungsten copper pipe with large diameter is mainly used as high temperature resistant parts of equipment. Tungsten copper pipe with small diameter is mainly used in thread electrode machining.
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